Voice Medicine 

Free your voice - Feel alive and empowered

Discover the Power of your Voice!

As a result of Voice Liberation sessions, participants felt free to express more authentically, felt more alive, grounded,  deeply connected to self and the divine, centered, present, in the moment, joyful, empowered and in the flow.

What is Voice Liberation?

Voice Liberation is first of all, becoming silent to listen to and connect to self. Than opening up by expressing what is alive in the moment through singing. It is not about singing more beautiful. It is about expressing our authentic and raw self, with all our perfections and imperfections and you will be surprised how beautiful that can be!

It is an intimate process of welcoming everything and singing it into space. It is an inner journey of exploring your unique self through your voice. It is connecting with your true spirit. With supporting exercises that help you silence the mind, open the heart and allowing the flow of life flow more freely.

These Voice sessions are experienced as insightful journeys into deeper layers of ourselves. By expressing what is alive in the moment and letting our authentic voices guide us, we free ourselves from limiting believes and patterns and blockages. And we open up more and more to our uniqueness, our life force and natural joy.

Singing is a fun and effective way to liberate ourselves and connect deeply.

Singing makes us free and happy!



Usually we don't use words in the singing, so we can sink into even deeper layers of our being, there where there are no words. Sometimes we do use words, or very short sentences because they can support, empower or highlight certain parts of ourselves. Every session is like a journey by itself, unpredictable, different every time. Where do we hold back, where can we open up more? In every moment we will find what is most helpful to create more space to feel more of you.

As I mentioned before: Singing is a fun and effective way to become more free to be who we truly are. I also know that expressing through singing can be exciting and challenging. No worries, I understand completely. All that comes up is welcome, any fear, tension, joy, tears, whatever mood, whatever emotions, whatever it is, all can be put into sound and singing. So come as you are and you are warmly guided and supported during your sessions.